The transfer of data between the EU and the US quickly needs a secure legal basis. The data protection authorities must act with tact here.
Before we go into the winter break with our podcast, there is the latest episode with the topic "Low Code Development" - listen in!
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Product portfolio of the members of the VDMA Software and Digitization available.
German and French companies announce progress towards the European data ecosystem GAIA-X together with the Ministers of Economics Peter Altmaier and Bruno Le Maire.
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Study 2020: Annual damage of 7.6 billion euros; Many counterfeits pose a threat to the operation of machines and plants; China remains the main sales country for plagiarism; Companies sue product pirates less and less frequently
Interoperability is a question of survival for a company
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The use of new technologies also changes the way projects are carried out and thus also the cooperation with the customer. Today, methods such as the waterfall or V-model no longer play a role in the first league of project setting.
Collection, Management, Storage, Archiving and Provision
The Future of the Corporate Information Centre
Ensuring the security of company-relevant information and also allowing the exchange of sensitive data across company boundaries is the major goal of information security in mechanical and plant engineering.
Keeping Track of the Production KPIs
Use the right methods and procedures to make project planning meaningful
Simulation with all its characteristics is an integral part of the entire product development process (PEP).
An Important Component in the Product(ion) Lifecycle
Making Diversity Manageable
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Prof. Claus Oetter
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Interoperability by standardized properties
New VDMA guideline now available
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